"Kevin has established himself as a top applications instructor. He has a thorough knowledge of Microsoft and other applications, and an excellent ability to connect with his students while instilling confidence. In addition to instruction, he has also managed several campus software platforms, including web design and learning management systems. Kevin is a true asset."
    October 22, 2011

      Dr Brian Chapell, Dean, University College of the Cayman Islands
      managed Kevin indirectly at University College of the Cayman Islands

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Hudson for the past 4 years. I was the Registrar at University College of the Cayman Islands while he was a Senior Applications Instructor and IT administrator. He is a consummate professional and can always be counted on to achieve superior results in both his jobs and any special projects he might be assigned to. In addition to being a great professional in the office environment, he is a great teacher and mentor as displayed in his role as a University Professor. He worked with students who were both academically gifted and academically challenged. In each case, he ensured students will able to grasp learning outcomes. Kevin looks at new technologies, software packages, and hardware implementations as a welcome challenge and does not rest until both users and administrators are happy with the outcome.

    Kevin was the administrator of our campus Angel Learning Management System. In this role he had to both administer the Angel system as well as educate both professors and students in the use of the product. He single handedly saved the University thousands of dollars in time and in the copying of materials. He also brought about a major shift in the way in which many courses at the University were taught utilizing this technology. Not a small task on a small island with a population of professors who needed help with technology. He also was the Polycom Administrator for our sister island campus that is located over 80 miles away. This system allowed us audio and video connectivity to our Cayman Brac campus and opened up Associate level education to a population that would not otherwise be served. This also opened revenue channels for the university that were not available prior to this implementation.

    I cannot laud Kevin's website administration enough. He has changed the website from a parked static page with phone numbers into a dynamic tool for both staff and students alike. The website is now a fully functioning, integrated part of the university to include scheduling, students applications, and a modern payment portal. His efforts have greatly increased the ability of the Registrar's office to complete their mission and reduced student wait time significantly.

    Most importantly, I watched Kevin develop curriculum for both the IT Academy and the Civil Service College. The Civil Service College was a revolutionary idea in Cayman so that individuals working for the government could get academic credits and knowledge that pertain to their jobs. Kevin took the ideas of both government and university professionals and developed a curriculum to fit the needs of all parties, including students, involved.

    I would not hesitate to hire Kevin, work with, or for Kevin for a minute. He is a results oriented leader who manages both staff and projects with ease. To say he is technology minded would be a gross understatement

    December 9, 2011

      John "Freddy" Frederick, Registrar, University College of the Cayman Islands
      managed Kevin indirectly at University College of the Cayman Islands